About Red Jasmine

About Red Jasmine

The color Red symbolizes love and passion…  The flower Jasmine symbolizes elegance and grace…

At Red Jasmine Weddings, we believe your wedding is first and foremost a celebration of your love and passion for each other.  Your day should uniquely reflect you and your relationship.   We want to help you bring that vision to reality and have fun doing it!

On your big day, we believe you should feel like a guest to your own wedding, without any worries or stress.  We want you to simply make memories with your loved ones as they witness the starting of this new stage of life.  We want your day to be full of joy, laced with grace, and soaked in love!   Let us help you take charge of the day’s events so you can just relax and savor every happy moment!


Update as of January 2014:

Thank you for visiting my site and for your interests in my services. I still love weddings same as ever but life has definitely gotten busier with my two little girls in elementary school! :) To ensure I have plenty of time to focus on all the happy things of life, I have made the difficult decision to take a break from coordinating weddings except limited services for personal friends.

My best wishes to you on your upcoming new stage of life and hope you will find a capable and passionate wedding coordinator who will make your dream wedding become a reality!